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A note on the Locus Poll

A couple of tweets I read this morning, referenced by some discussion which took place well before I was awake:

@clarkesworld Have you voted in the Locus Poll this year? http://tinyurl.com/4ajnnst More people that vote = less worry about the subscriber doublevotes

@clarkesworld Besides we really should be supporting the only significant award process in the genre that doesn’t cost you a penny. #locuspoll

This is a sentiment that I fundamentally disagree with, and in a more wordy fashion than will fit into 140 characters. Yes, I can vote in the Locus Poll for free, but everyone who pays gets two votes. I don’t think this makes it a free award, and I don’t want to support the practice by getting lots of people to vote. In fact I would like everyone to stop voting in the poll, so they don’t get to have a large voting base at the same time as treating the opinions of everyone who doesn’t pay them as only 50% as worthy as those who do. (Basically, everything that Abigail said.)

If you want a big, free, popular vote award open to all, how about the SFX Awards? Voting isn’t open right now, so I can’t double-check the rules, but I’m pretty sure anyone can vote on their website without them downweighting your vote based on whether you read the magazine or not.