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I had the best of intentions this year: I was going to read lots and blog lots and give lots of Hugo recommendations in good time for everyone to read them. Complete fail. I managed a thorough post for Graphic Story, here’s my scattered and incomplete suggestions for the rest of the categories:

I’m not particularly well-read this year, and there have been some disappointments among the 2012 books I did read. I’m almost certainly going with Jack Glass by Adam Roberts, which is another clever, interesting SF novel from an author who writes a refreshingly different book every single time, and Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway, which similarly plays to my tastest by being smart and fun and thought-provoking. And I’m probably going with Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson, which I only just finished, but is an interesting take on religion and faith and where they collide with modern technology and social change.

“Fade to White”, Catherynne Valente
“One Little Room an Everywhere”, KJ Parker
“Arbeitskraft”, Nick Mamatas
“Good Hunting”, Ken Liu

Short Story
“Mantis Wives”, Kij Johnson
“The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species” Ken Liu (again)

Related Work
It’s been pointed out to me at the last minute that Red Plenty by Francis Spufford is a 2012 book in the US, which makes it eligible; and it’s not exactly fiction or non-fiction but a non-fiction book which feels like a science fiction novel. That’s sufficient to get it in Best Related for me, and no weirder than much of the stuff in this catch-all category.

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
Let’s face it, this is the Avengers vs Game of Thrones vs Hobbit bunfight with Looper as an outside bet, so I’m nominating Mass Effect 3 and Dishonored.

Best Professional Artist
We can nominate comic artists here, right?
Stephanie Hans, for the gorgeous painted covers and interiors for Journey Into Mystery
Yuko Shimizu, for the covers of The Unwritten, and The Future is Japanese
Butch Guice, for the dark and noir-y art which is the the best thing about Brubaker’s slightly disappointing run on Winter Soldier

Fan Artist
Noelle Stephenson/gingerhaze, for a lot of Avengers and Hobbit comics. Poor Hawkeye, so objectified.

Ferretbrain. A mix of reviews, longer articles, opinions pieces, and a lively comments section.

Fan Writer
Lots of possibilities here – Martin Lewis deserves a nomination for his continuing argument with The Space Opera Renaissance, and Genevieve Valentine for funny and perceptive reviews of the worst film have to offer – but my main message is that we should be nominating Abigail Nussbaum, who gets closer to a nomination every year but never quite makes it, and reading through even a fraction of the commentary on her blog over the past year should convince you how wrong that is.

Short version: Abigail Nussbaum, Red Plenty, Ferretbrain.

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